We’ve all seen glamorous pinup-style makeup tutorials, but we don’t all have the kind of time or skill to replicate that on a daily basis, so I’m going to show you how to get a quick and easy vintage makeup look.

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Products and brushes for easy vintage makeup

I’m all about saving money as well as time, which is why I love E.L.F. You can get everything I use for this look, brushes and all, for around $30.

Concealer and powder

I start out with the ‘Cover Everything Concealer.’ I love this stuff, it gives really good coverage without having to use much. I like to use a ‘Concealer Brush’ to put it on and then a ‘Foundation Brush’ to blend it in, but you can even just use your finger if you prefer.

Then a quick brush of ‘Prime & Stay Finishing Powder.’ I don’t like a whole lot of thick primer and foundation and all that for every day. This gives a finished look without being too heavy. I use the ‘Total Face Brush’ for this and then you can use that same brush for your bronzer and blush too.

Bronzer and blush

I use some bronzer in the color ‘Sunkissed.’ I know there is all kinds of stuff you are supposed to do with contouring, but that is way too complicated and time consuming for me. I just do a classic fish-face technique. But I can pass it off as being an ‘authentic’ vintage method instead of the modern stuff, right? Just brush a little along the lines where you can see your cheekbones when you suck in, and it will give you some definition.

Now for the blush, I like to use a light bright pink color, this one is called ‘Blushing.’ Again keeping it super simple, give a nice big cheesy smile and apply it to the nice round apples of your cheeks. This is my husband’s favorite part, especially when I’m stressed or having a bad day, and getting ready for something because I have to smile, and of course when he points that out it always makes me a little annoyed at first, but then when I smile at myself in the mirror it always makes me laugh and feel a little better.

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Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara

I like to keep things nice and simple, so instead of using a separate eyeshadow palette, I just use the blush and bronzer again, just with the ‘Eyeshadow Brush‘ this time. I use the blush all over the lid, and then the bronzer along the crease.

Of course, any vintage makeup look would not be complete without some nice winged eyeliner. I love cream eyeliner, because it is the easiest to get a dramatic impact and also gives you a lot of control. I like to do a little along the water line on the top lashes. For the wings, there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there, but I feel like it usually turns out best when I don’t overthink it. I just line my top lash line and extend it towards my eyebrow with a little bit of a flick, and that’s that. It takes some practice, but that’s what Q-tips are for!

Alright, now for mascara. I’ve got to be honest, I am not a part of this huge love affair with massive eyelashes. I know a lot of people if forced to choose only one item of makeup to wear would choose mascara (or false lashes), but I frequently forget to even wear any at all. Personally, I prefer eyeliner, I think it has more of an impact, especially for the vintage makeup look.


I love love love liquid matte lipstick, especially for everyday wear, because it doesn’t smudge and it lasts all day. The best tip for getting this right is to wipe off the applicator before applying it. To get a nice shape, for both the top and bottom lip I start in the middle and just do a clean line along to the corner.

And that’s all there is to it! Sure, I like to take a little more time and get glammed up for special occasions, but this is a simple look that you can actually do every day, even as a busy mom! I hope you love it!

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