I’m so happy you’re here!

The Internet is full of unrealistic Pinterest-perfect images on one side and people that “keep it real” with their hilarious horror stories of failure on the other. It’s no wonder you’re so overwhelmed by all the voices telling you what you should be doing that you don’t even know where to start in actually doing the things that are the most important.

That is why my passion is being an authentic positive voice; empowering you to live a beautiful life, free of guilt or fear. I write about living vintage values as a traditional housewife. Finch Hollow is full of recipes, parenting tips, DIYs, and more, all with a 1950s twist!

I will show you how it is possible to find joy in the role of a homemaker and to feel successful in it. I will give you tools to achieve your goals and at the same time overturn feelings of inadequacy so you can keep reaching for the impossible.

Because if you reach for the impossible, you can achieve the improbable!

Begin living vintage values today: