With how long neckties have been around, you’d think someone would have figured out a good storage solution by now. Everything I have seen didn’t actually work as well as I hoped, so I found my own way!

Too many ties

I live in a traditional mid-century house with a traditional mid-century husband working a fairly traditional mid-century job — one where he has to wear a white shirt and tie six days a week.

Brian has always been stylish, so just a handful of ties to rotate through won’t do, not when that is pretty much the only area where he can have variety and express himself.

Searching for a solution

Most of the time we don’t mind living in a small home and keeping our belongings to a minimum, in fact, we prefer it. But both of us LOVE clothes — and love to have lots of clothes to choose from.

Unfortunately, the room we chose as the master only has one teeny tiny closet, and not a whole lot of room for additional storage. (The nursery, meanwhile, has two huge closets. But in every other way, it makes sense for things to stay as they are.) So I’ve had to get creative in organizing our clothes, especially those ties.

I of course started by taking to Pinterest, but most of the suggestions out there just didn’t quite cut it.

Pegboard? Way too much space.

Rolled up in a drawer? Way too much effort.

Store-bought tie organizers? Don’t actually hold enough.

Shower-rings on a hanger? Hard to actually see and get to all of them, especially the ones in the back.

A better way

So, I came up with my own plan.

Swivel towel racks! These things are absolutely perfect! I installed them on the inside of the closet door, and I couldn’t be happier.

They hold all of his ties, with room for more (but don’t tell him that). You can see at a glance each and every tie, and just flip through like a book to have easy access to exactly the one you want.

These would also be great for scarves, belts, or even socks!